shanga blankets


On a 2017 trip to climb Kilimanjaro, Kate fell in love with the local artisans of Shanga in Arusha. Shanga is an art center which employs Tanzanians with disabilities who make beautiful handcrafted textiles. Kate’s favorite cotton blankets from their shop are well suited to authentic interiors and cozying up to Jackson winters.

Kate’s whole heart is committed to supporting these individuals and the art they create and works their unique pieces into her eclectic designs.

Shanga is focused “on providing a safe, consistent and loving environment for Tanzanians with disabilities who have so often faced terrible hardship in their lives. Of no less importance is making amazing products from discarded materials so that they can contribute positively to the Tanzanian environment while producing creative pieces that celebrate Tanzanian culture.” Visit to learn more.

Contact Dwelling if you’re interested in acquiring a Shanga blanket, our team would be happy to assist you.